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We have over 600 members worldwide. Most of our members come from England and Ireland, but we also have members from Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, the USA, Asia, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Sri Lanka, etc. The ISBN numbers that we provide can be used on books/publications worldwide.

How to Join the Independent Publishing Network (IPN), get an ISBN number, and get Published:

1. Fill in your Membership Details (below). Membership is free. Also fill out your basic book details

2. After we have received your order, we will process it and; deliver it to you asap. ISBNs will be allocated and sent to you by email (usually within 12 hours). We shall also give you an estimated delivery time for E-Book publication or book printing if this is what you ordered.

3. As soon as possible after receiving your ISBNs, you will need to email us the details of each publication. If you are using an ISBN for a printed book (instead of an E-Book) you also need to send two copies of your book to the National Library.

Please review¬†‘Features of IPN Books’¬†before purchasing ISBN Numbers

Become a member and buy ISBN numbers

(1) Fill in your personal information & publication details - by doing this you become a member of the Independent Publishing Network (2) click "Submit"; (3) Add your ISBN Number(s) to cart and decide whether you would like to purchase the images for this; then (4) click "Buy Now" to make payment via PayPal. [You will usually receive your ISBN numbers by email within the next 24 hours during business days].
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