IPN Books

Important Information

Because IPubNet needs to be registered with Nielsen in order to provide ISBN numbers on an individual basis, there are some key details about our ISBN numbers that should be understood before purchasing:

  • IPubNet is listed as the book’s publisher. – We hope that the name allows people to see that the book has been produced by an individual however on official records from Nielsen ‘Independent Publishing Network’ is listed as the official publisher.
  • IPubNet is listed as the distributor of the book. – This means that we will occasionally receive orders or requests for books which we will forward to you. When we register your book we change the distributor over to your name.
  • There is an additional fee for us to register your book with Nielsen – This is because we need to manually submit the information. – The cost for this is 12 pound. This can be purchased at the same time as an ISBN or afterwards upon request – please email us┬áto make payment for registration.
  • If your book if registered with Nielsen, then you will have to send 5 free copies of your book into the legal deposit in Edinburgh. They seem to request this automatically when books are registered.
  • If we register your book on Nielsen’s, please note that the Imprint Name for your book and ISBN will be “Independent Publishing Network”.

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