What is an ISBN?

An ISBN Number is an International Standard Book Number. These are the retail barcode numbers used for books and are necessary for selling books both in stores and for selling e-books on sites like amazon or apple e-book store.

Who assigns an ISBN?

ISBN Numbers are distributed through an appointed agency in each country. These agencies supply ISBN Numbers to publishers who then allocate them to the books that they publish. The appointed agency in the UK is The Nielson Agency. This agency supplies publishers with ISBN numbers in minimum quantities of 10.

Do I have to get an ISBN?

If you are printing you book for personal use, or to give away, then it is not necessary that you have an ISBN Number. However the vast majority of retail stores and internet e-book sellers require ISBN numbers to sell through their forum. So, yes you probably need an ISBN.

How can you sell ISBN numbers for an affordable one-off cost?

Because technically we are a publishing group, we have been allocated a number of ISBN Numbers which members of our publishing network are allocated. While the ISBN Numbers have our publisher prefix, any numbers we allocate are also registered on our database with the author and book information so that anyone searching for the author information can find it through our website.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still use your ISBN numbers? 

Yes you can – we have over 600 members worldwide using our ISBN numbers. Most of our members come from England and Ireland, but we also have members from Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, the USA, Asia, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Sri Lanka, etc. The ISBN numbers that we provide can be used on books/publications worldwide.

Will the ‘Independent Publishing Network’ be listed as my book’s publisher?

Because IPubNet needs to be registered with Nielsen in order to provide ISBN numbers on an individual basis, there are some key details about our ISBN numbers that should be understood before purchasing:

  • IPubNet is listed as the book’s publisher. – We hope that the name allows people to see that the book has been produced by an individual however on official records from Nielsen ‘Independent Publishing Network’ is listed as the official publisher.
  • IPubNet is listed as the distributor of the book. – This means that we will occasionally receive orders or requests for books which we will forward to you. When we register your book we change the distributor over to your name.
  • There is an additional fee for us to register your book with Nielsen – This is because we need to manually submit the information. – The cost for this is 12 pound. This can be purchased at the same time as an ISBN or afterwards upon request – please email us to make payment for registration.
  • If your book if registered with Nielsen, then you will have to send 5 free copies of your book into the legal deposit in Edinburgh. They seem to request this automatically when books are registered.

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