Important EU Legislation (“Cookie Law”)

In order to comply with new EU Legislation we are required by law to inform you of what cookies our site uses and what they are for. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your machine, when you log into your email a cookie is placed onto your machine. When you place items into a shopping basket online one is placed onto your machine so the site can work out who you are. This way you do not end up with someone else’s shopping or log into someone elses email account.

Our site if you continue, will place the following cookies onto your machine:

  • Google Analytics – We use this to monitor our website performance. It will not collect personally identifiable data about you and is used purely for statistics.
  • Session cookie – This is used to log you into the site. Without it our site would not function.
  • Consent – This cookie stores the fact that you agree to receive these cookies on your machine. We will not ask again.

By using our site  you consent to these cookies being placed on your machine.

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