Buy ISBN Numbers

Buy ISBN numbers

The following membership form is for both becoming a member and buying ISBN numbers. It is necessary that you become a member in order to buy ISBN numbers. [NB: If you are already a Member, and you need a new ISBN Number for another publication, please complete the membership form again (using your existing Ipubnet username) and proceed to payment].

Please review ‘Features of IPN Books’ before purchasing

Once you have your ISBN number, go to Barcode1 to get it converted into a barcode – Alternatively you can buy these images at the same time as purchasing your ISBN

Become a member and buy ISBN numbers

(1) Fill in your personal information & publication details - by doing this you become a member of the Independent Publishing Network (2) click "Submit"; (3) Add your ISBN Number(s) to cart and decide whether you would like to purchase the images for this; then (4) click "Buy Now" to make payment via PayPal. [You will usually receive your ISBN numbers by email within the next 24 hours during business days].
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